CATHODE LOVE -'Cathode' Edition Book

CATHODE LOVE -'Cathode' Edition Book




CATHODE LOVE in 'Cathode' Edition with double-stamped, black felt-textured covers in one-time print edition of 666 copies.



Includes essays, short stories, poetry, interviews and new translations from: Remy de Gourmont, Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock, Antonin Artaud, Théophile Gautier, Stephen Thrower, Marina Warner, Michel Leiris, David Tibet, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, Matthew Brendan Clark, Charles Baudelaire, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Saint-Pol Roux, Catherine Ribeiro and more. 248pp.


Cathode Love is a careful and contemporary ode to the well-published, uncompromising aesthetic journals of the 19th century, a high watermark of “magazine” publishing. Celebrating the uncanny, the beautiful, the deviant, the spirit of synaesthetics running through all art, this volume contains new and key writings on a handful of those elusive flakes of gold...the finest and most suggestive exponents of fantastique film, surreal and visionary art, decadent and defiant poetry, strange and esoteric theory and aesthetics, falling like shards of a greater mirror, or all singing like an orphan choir in perfectly strange and beautiful harmonies. This book an abandoned cathedral with little prayers to directors Jean Rollin and Jess Franco, little songs from Count Stenbock and Théophile Gautier, all with colorfully darkened windows for its light source, singing its praises through a cloud of smoke, death, beauty, and incense. Essays on Roger Callois’ “Writing of Stones" push language into the permanent/primal/auto-visual. New Coptic translations and a lovely new and insightful essay on his Birth Canal Blues offered up by David Tibet. A wonderful essay by Stephen Thrower on the undersung and mesmerizing Lorna...The Exorcist, as well as essential selections by Antonin Artaud that cut to the root of visual poetics. Multiple essays and poems by Matthew Clark (sometimes Comte Computer)...The Hieroglyphic Monad by Michel Leiris for your lovey-dovey pleasure and more, all making up an accidental and fully-charged AESTHETICS TREATISE FULL OF SUGGESTIONS FOR WHERE TO TAKE THIS ART FORWARD FROM.  Cathode Love seems to be loving "the language of aesthetics and meaning" with an open embrace. From the aesthetic and theatrical semiotic theory of Artaud and Michel Leiris and the poetry of renegade surrealist and THE REAL BLACK MIRROR, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, to the transfigured letter found in the magisterial and tragically lost work of Saint Pol Roux all with the overarching symbolic curatorial aspect of Remy de Gourmont, CATHODE LOVE IS LOVING NOW, AND READY TO MOVE FORWARD TO NEW LOVERS.


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