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Cathode Love is a careful and contemporary ode to the well-published, uncompromising aesthetic journals of the 19th century, a high watermark of “magazine” publishing. Celebrating the uncanny, the beautiful, the deviant, the spirit of synaesthetics running through all art, this volume contains new and key writings on a handful of those elusive flakes of gold, the most suggestive exponents of fantastique film, surreal and visionary art, decadent and defiant poetry, strange and esoteric theory and aesthetics.

Cathode Love celebrates this boundlessness in the form of a BOOK, focused on the fantastique, the impulse of mystery, horror and eroticism, containing essays, short stories and unpublished or exceedingly underappreciated and brilliant works of writing, poetry, theory, criticism and more. It is designed to work together toward an opening to the impulses behind the works. Full details are below. The editions are designed to make the experience affordable to all. The books have the same contents, with the exception of a special bookplate in the 'LOVE' edition, but they do have different levels of intensity in their incarnations!

BOOK CONTENTS:Includes essays, short stories, poetry, interviews and new translations from:Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, David Tibet, Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock, Stephen Thrower, Marina Warner, Antonin Artaud, Michel Leiris, Remy de Gourmont, Théophile Gautier, Matthew Brendan Clark, Charles Baudelaire, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Saint-Pol Roux, Catherine Ribeiro, essays on Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, poetry, fiction and more. 248pp.



CATHODE LOVE in exceptionally limited 'LOVE EDITION' of 111 signed and numbered gold and black-foil-stamped HARDBACK EDITIONS, with signed section of Jean Rollin's personal 35MM print of his film << Les raisins de la mort >> (each section of 35MM film hand-signed by Jean's son, Serge Rollin), and a hand-made SILENT ROSE MUSIC BOX containing a rose and a dedication to the missing music.  An ode to commemorate the inexpressible and orphan works hinted at by this book.  The Silent Rose Music Box is a poetic response to the lost musical elements originally intended for publication with this book (an LP of carefully curated music had to be destroyed).  It is both memento mori to the concretized music lost, while also a positive and poetic 'memoir forward', always moving in the interest of the eternal cycle of artistic life and new beauty. 

Each special LOVE EDITION box has been also kissed with the smoke of Jean Rollin's own pipe (a gesture uniting dreamers, old and new).  A sort of surrealist blessing of sorts...the smoke, symbolizing dream, is passed from the pipe, now acting as a shamanic or ritual device that unites the dreamers of old and they inhale in the cathedral of skull, the house of dreams for each dreamer, its smoke which billows into the antechambers of skull that inhaled it, briefly hold it, and exhale its dreams like thought...then and now.  This gesture is done in the spirit of that sensibility of wonder in art so light with beauty and magic as it moves forward to those fantastique souls willing to dream with its limitless forms today.  The bookplate in this hardcover edition commemorates this, and is signed and numbered.  This limited edition of 111 numbered copies with film elements and hand-made wooden rose box had only 67 copies originally made available for sale.  This edition quickly sold out.  As a result, a portion of the remaining 44 copies that were originally held back (for safe-keeping and contributors) are being made available now to those who may have missed their chance due to this unexpected demand. 


CATHODE LOVE, also in limited 'CATHODE EDITION' with gold and luminous black-foil-stamped & felt textured softcover books. Includes the lovely and loving softcover book only.  This is also a limited, one-time printing, and will not be printed again.

RESONANT TONES.  SWEET, AND VERY, VERY LOW.  PINK LIGHT IN A BLUE ROBE.  Cathode Love is an abandoned cathedral full of little prayers to directors Jean Rollin and Jess Franco, little songs from Count Stenbock and Théophile Gautier, all afloat like dust in colorfully darkened windows, singing its praises through a cloud of smoke, death, beauty, and WONDER, forming a strange aesthetic guided by impulses of raw and innate beauty that threaten the status of art in order to save it.  It is a renewal.  A truth.  A beauty.  Essays on Roger Callois’s “Writing of Stones” push language into the permanent, primal and automatic, while somehow naturally encountering others.  In the macabre opulence and romance of Baudelaire's "unnatural" poetry of decadence, death and lust.  In new Coptic translations with a lovely new and insightful essay and lyrics to the beautiful and beloved Birth Canal Blues offered up by the beautiful and visionary artist David Tibet.  A wonderful essay by Stephen Thrower, with his incredibly perceptive and loving reading of the under-sung and mesmerizing Lorna...The Exorcist, all these coupled again with broader, essential selections on the actual processes facilitating these arts, shown by way of the essays on the metaphysics of theater by Antonin Artaud, the merger of language with ultimate spiritual and artistic truth in a key essay by Michel Leiris, or the colored, shape-shifting varietals  of other works reflective of the falling shards of that Greater Mirror, shattered and now, hopefully, partially gathered again at one small but true angle, with all these shards cutting to the root of poetics. In this way, it also functions (overall) as a diary of perception by the editor and Compte Cathode of Lovey Dovey.  Multiple essays and poems contributed by editor and compiler, Matthew Brendan Clark (sometimes as Comte Computer) attempt to provide an honest backdrop, and are woven in and out of the shards, helping to guide this aspect, provide a double reflection, and therefore a conversation. The rare essay The Hieroglyphic Monad by Michel Leiris, an ode to the Mysteries and language at once, all here for your lovey-dovey pleasure, and with more poems, essays and extracts supporting the nature of this book, supportive of trangression, ebbs, flows, cycles, and unities, all making up and unfolding at once in a surprising and new, totally accidental and fully-charged aesthetics treatise of wibbly-wobbly passions and romantic honey-trails that is FULL OF SUGGESTIONS WHERE TO TAKE ALL ART FORWARD FROM without spelling it out in dogma (certainly not in all caps).  Cathode Love seems to be loving "the language of aesthetics and meaning" with an open and totally suggestive embrace, with it being full of black warmth, unfolding roses, and flickering robes of sirens, allowing all light to penetrate inside it. From the piercing perception and aesthetic wit of theatrical/semiotic theorist Antonin Artaud to the visions of the void and negation poetry of renegade surrealist and true "Black Mirror", Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, to the gloriously transmuted and transfigured letters found in the work of Saint-Pol-Roux or the overarching Symbolist curatorial aspect of the great and beautiful Remy de Gourmont, it is sure that CATHODE LOVE IS LOVING ALL WAYS NOW.  Take advantage of these readings.  They are here now.